imagesCAXQML0FMy Brothers,

Where is your apron? Nothing else in all of Masonry ties you so closely with all your brothers in  history like the lambskin or white leathern apron,” More ancient then the Golden Fleece, or Roman Eagle, more honorable than the Star and Garter”.

One of the most memorable moments of becoming a Mason is when you are presented with your Masonic Apron. And after our death, when family and brothers bid farewell, it is placed with you for the hereafter.

A few years ago while at the supermarket a woman noticed my masonic ring. She noted that her father, who recently died was a mason. after his death they couldn’t find his apron to bury with him. It was one of his wishes to have a masonic funeral and be dressed as a Mason.

This led me to think, do you know where your apron is? Better yet does your family know where it is? Too many times the family does not know where to find it since it may have been many years since your EA Degree.

Please, let your family know your wishes and tell them where to find your apron. In order that you may to the lodge on high wearing your badge as a Mason.



Kevin M. Albora,  WM



January 2014

My Brothers,

Ever since our beginning in 1853 the New Year brings a new Master to the ornamental chair of Harmony Lodge. Much has happened in the past year, and life is finally starting to return to normal. The devastation that was Hurricane Sandy couldn’t keep us down. We have conferred the degrees for many new brethren and we are stronger than ever.

However, the coming years will test our resolve as never before, but I believe that if we all work together there is nothing we can’t overcome.

One of our major concerns is our current financial situation. We as a brotherhood, working together can accomplish anything. We must also extend the hand of brotherly love and work towards bringing our inactive brothers back into the lodge. Remember, our words and grips are meaningless unless you have someone with which to share them.

In closing, let me just say welcome back home to Harmony.


Kevin M. Albora, WM

May 2012

My Brothers,
The Old Charges say ”all preferment among
masons is grounded upon the REAL worth and
personal merit only that so the Lord may be well served, the brethren not put to shame, nor the craft despised.”
Therefore, no master or warden is chosen by SENIORITY, but for his MERIT.
Therefore, my question is, do you really know your COVENANT with the craft ?
Can you really take away the INTOLERANCE
out of your heart? Can you really and are you really willing to provide RELIEF? How far can you stretch your CABLE TOW?
I really don’t know the answers to all, but the only thing that I could share with you is that, if you are willing, nothing is impossible, especially with the help of the GAOTU (Great Architect of the Universe), with the assistance of the brethren, and the
application of all the wonderful principles that our institution teaches.
Fraternally Yours,
Marcelo Valerio WM

March 2012

My Brothers,
Relief…one of the 3 tenets of a mason’s
profession, and thus defined in the lectures
of the first degree.
To relieve the distressed is a duty incumbent on all men but particularly to Masons, who are linked together by an indissoluble chain of sincere affection. To soothe the unhappy, to sympathize with their misfortunes, and to restore peace to their troubled minds; on this basis we form our friendships and establish our connections.
Of the 3 tenets of a Masons profession, which are Brotherly love, Relief and Truth; it may be said that TRUTH is the column of
wisdom, whose rays penetrate and enlighten the innermost recesses of our lodges.
BROTHERLY LOVE, the column of strength which binds us as one family in the
indissoluble bond of fraternal affection, and RELIEF, the column of beauty whose
ornaments more precious than the lilies and pomegranates that adorned the pillars of the porch, are the widow’s tear of joy and the
orphans prayer of gratitude.
Fraternally Yours,
Marcelo Valerio WM

Feb. 2012

My Brothers,

INTOLERANCE– the arch enemy of Freemasonry. TOLERATION is one of the chief foundation stones of the fraternity and Brotherly Love are ever taught. Notwithstanding, intolerance has and ever has had , its grip upon the brotherhood and insidiously does its silent and undermining work, Human powers are limited, or circumscribed. Man by nature is weak and its largely the creature of early education ; yet no Institution has such resisting power and is of such avail as freemasonry against that great enemy of man, which has destroyed more of the human race than any other evil power.
My brother , let us be sincere and true to our words remember your obligations from the EA , FC and Master Mason.

Fraternally Yours,
Marcelo Valerio WM

Dec. 2011

Dear Brother, In Masonry, we are taught that a cable tow is a rope, by which the candidate my be led from the lodge, without discovering even the form thereof. It is also defined as health & business permitting. In our obligation, we promised to answer and obey all due signs and regular summonses if within the length of our cable tow. Symbolically, it connects us to the Lodge & to each other. But what is really meant by a cable tow? I would suggest, it is basically a level of commitment, and its length is the ability to participate or contribute to the many events and activities of a Masonic career. This is not meant to imply good or bad, for if a person only has a penny, and he gives a penny, has he not given everything? If he has only a minute, but gives it willingly when needed, has he given any less? We all have obligations, jobs, family or other interests that will demand our attention, and to which Masonry should not interfere. As life changes, so will the length of the cable tow, but remember, the Lodge will not flourish or prosper without you. The important thing is to stay connected, stay committed, and challenge yourself to give that penny.

Fraternally, Carl Del Conte WM